Foodservice Honey

Our Distribution Partners

Order honey from us or through Clark Distributing (Hendersonville, TN), Delco Foods (Indianapolis, IN), Ideal Food Group (Indianapolis, IN), Indianapolis Fruit (Indianapolis, IN), Piazza Produce (Indianapolis, IN), or Tiny Footprint (Indianapolis, IN).

Eisele’s Raw Honey for Foodservice

We offer both our raw honey and our pure honey for foodservice in 1 gallon (12 pound) jugs and 5 gallon (55 pound) buckets.

Eisele’s is a premium monofloral honey from clover, alfalfa, star thistle/knapweed, etc. Every harvest has a unique profile: flavor, texture, aroma, color. Our honey is single sourced — we don’t mix honey from dozens of different producers. The color grades we use for raw honey are water white and extra white; it’s usually less than 1-3% of the crop. Our pure honey is extra light amber (ELA).

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