Characteristics of Eisele's



  • Our Raw Honey is never heated. Period
  • Contains Pollen
  • Contains bits of wax
  • Contains phytonutrients
  • Starts off as liquid and eventually thickens to a semi-solid state 
  • Crystallization provides a wonderful texture that Chefs love 
  • Great for spreading on toast or mixing into yogurt
  • Has been touted as having health benefits
  • Is great tasting but is noticeably less sweet than heated honey
  • Can ferment 

Characteristics of



  • Great for cooking 
  • Easily pours for teas
  • Is heated to 155 degrees F
  • Will granulate over time but can be reheated to return it to a pourable form
  • Has caloric value but many of the nutrients are diminished during the heating process