Real Honey

Eisele's Honey is a small, family owned business dedicated to providing the consumer with the highest quality honey.

Recent reports suggest that many people have never tasted real honey.   

In fact, some honey companies are using nothing more than honey flavoring and adding it to corn syrup. Yuck!

Other companies are peddling honey that has been imported from other countries with high pollution rates such as India and China.



For over 30 years, Eisele's Honey has left it up to mother nature. Instead of boiling our honey , Eisele's has adopted the practice of taking Raw Honey from the hive directly to the extractor.

After extraction, the honey is ready to be bottled.

In addition to Raw, Eisele's offers a Pure Liquid Honey that may be more suitable to ones cooking needs.



Eisele's Honey was started in 1981 in the country side of Westfield, Indiana by Tom Eisele.

Tom started bee keeping as a hobby. Soon the hobby turned into a labor of love that included maintaining over 2000 registered hives.






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